About Us

Kalyanodai was established under Societies Registration Act 1871 Vide registration no. 222/85-86 by late Founder Sri Hridai Narayan, a true Gandhian, a thinker and a proficient writer.

In his lifetime he wrote more than 40 books on philosophy of Gita, Gandhi, Vivekanand, Krishnamurti & Rajneesh in Hindi language. After he passed away, he inspires us to carry forward his dreams and vision—a dream of seeing each Indian village as a true Gandhian village.

For about 18 years, he supported and ran many institutions for socially weaker sections of the society. He edited and published a quarterly magazine ‘Shikha Sanket’ based exclusively on Gandhian views.

It is his dream that we are trying to carry forward– demonstration of the fact that villages can become self-sufficient units of society and can exist and support the economy and its growth and also help in strengthening the social fabric through close interaction and integration.