Welcome to Kalyanodai

Kalyanodai is an NGO which aims at choosing a set of villages from the poorest districts of India from each of the states to make them a model of self-sufficiency as reflected in the vision of Gandhi.

It is his dream that we are trying to carry forward– demonstration of the fact that villages can become self-sufficient units of society and can exist and support the economy and its growth and also help in strengthening the social fabric through close interaction and integration.

In Kalyanodai, we are raising funds based on a plan of setting up and launching 17 programmes in each of these chosen villages for a period of 5 years.

We shall start with the basic aim of improving, through these programmes, per-capita income of people in those villages. For this, we shall start with the benchmark data available by Government of India on the average per capita income of rural areas, in the first year of setting up. It is expected that through these programmes, we shall be able to achieve the targets we set for in our financial projections, in the next 5 years.